Key Speakers & Sponsors

Business Growth


Investment in Africa has risen by 136%. Afro Business Expo presents 40+ business opportunities, in Mining, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Security, Property Development and more.

Secure Structures


Invest securely in the many opportunities Africa has to offer fully supported by the experts of UKTI and UKEF. Ensuring all your plans and investments are feasible and in safe hands.

UKTI Support


UKTI has a network of international trade specialists based around the UK and have a dedicated stand at the Expo offering support and advice to would be investors.

The New Economy


David Cameron: “we want to forge together a agenda that drive growth for us ”. The Times: “Africa is Hot: the economy is worth £1.3 trillion, to be 50% higher by 2017”.

What The Expo has to offer


The Afro Business Expo creates an avenue for UK businesses to partner and invest in viable businesses in Africa. From IT, Energy, Property Development, Manufacturing, Retail, Agriculture, Export and many more, join us at the Hilton Hotel Canary Wharf, London to identify and develop business with Africa in a secure environment.

Speaker 2016


Tony-Fiddy (President Naanovo UK)


Dr.Ibe Kaichukwu (Minister of State for Petroleum, Nigeria)


Anande Semwenda (MD, McDaan Investments)


Mark Bennett (MD, Floating Solar UK)


David Smith, Chairman,(British African Business)


Keith Kerr (CEO, Mango Aviation Partners)